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El Toledo Coffee Fruit Wine

Growing: El Toledo Coffee farm is using permaculture design combined with biodinamic farming technics. This means we don't have a monoculture and don't use pesticides to grow our coffee fruits.
This creates a very particular microclimate with special conditions to produce our coffee fruit with really good flavors.

Environment importance: Coffee is a Golden fruit that is generally never used! To process coffee as we know it 75% of the production goes to waste! -what? -yes, all the fruit part of it is removed from the seeds. To make it happen in the conventional way a lot of water is used, approximately 100 litters of water to make a cup of coffee. Insane right? By doing this the coffee fruit can not be used and it also contaminates the rivers.
At El Toledo we have a different process that unfortunately is not very common in our country it only uses 1 litter of water to process 500 cups of coffee, that way we can collect and use the fruit part and make different products. Huge revert of the process. Big companies don't use this method because it is more expensive.
So by buying this product you are supporting our family business and creating a demand for coffee fruit use that is only possible if we don't involve water in the process!
Wine discription: We want to offer a product free of preservatives. 100%
Artesanal brew!
Abv: 12%
Flavors: a sensation of cherry, with sweet coffee fruit notes, prune notes, and the smooth acid of a goose berry.


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