El Toledo Coffee fruit Wine! In the 2019!!

El Toledo Coffee fruit wine has opened up a door to develop an idea that seemed too difficult but now it is a reality.

The success granted already, based on a long but constant investigation, are going to benefit not only us but all coffee farmers of our country and the world. Success that is still surprising us. The fermentation, clarification and different types of procedures applied are giving us more than just hope. 

Coffee has given us a improvements in our livelihoods and is been a source of income for millions of families around the world.

Starting from a luxury site of our coffee to convert it in a very important production, more important than coffee even, a source of food able to feed thousands or millions of people. New produces based on the coffee fruit waste, with very healthy facts and very high nutrition for human bodies, as a very higher level of efficiency for using our production, are revolutionizing the coffee industry.

Yes. Coffee is not just a very good and popular drink. Coffee, for a very economical concept, has been used only to make money in countries where it is produced. But this same money making thing has blind ourselves of what we have in front of us for as long as coffee exists. 

Coffee is a very large world wide production wasted in 80% to use only the 20% left to convert it in a very popular and luxury drink that does not feed anybody. So it only give us farmers access to less than a fifth of the actual yeald.

This waste has its roots in the way of utilizing water in the process after coffee is picked. So if we changed this to an ecological process, as many people called it nowadays, it would be good for our environment but it would be even greater to the producers because it gives us access to our 80% of our yeald that we normally waste with water.

So in the last 5 years of investigation, we have concluded that coffee farmers economy could be improved in more than 100% of the income we have only utilizing coffee as the drink we all know about!!

El toledo coffee fruit wine in Christmas version.

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