Coffee cherry wine. Or coffee fruit wine is been something people have tried before.
But it has not been able to happen. The reasons behind the failed of trying that has been the ability to collect the fruit pulp from the coffee beans!

This year 2015 we tried our first batch of it. How did we do it. We first got to stop the water use to rinse it away. Then with a coffee been press we were able to remove the coffee fruit pulp from the coffee beans.

Resulta: 5000 litters of pulp a year. We haven't made it all. But this year we have tried 40 different recepies. A Total of about 200 gallons. As we are not wine makers, we've been learning. So like half of that was thrown away.
But 100 gallons of different types of wines is a huge good result for this first try!

We have been trying new things and learning from books, internet, people. And with 6 months of reserch we started this project.

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